Trendy Fall Outfits for Teachers to Look Stylish

As we step into the fall, the weather changes and we welcome new pieces into our wardrobes. As a teacher, your outfits have to follow a specific set of rules, much like any office attire, so it’s important that you consider this when purchasing your outfits. If you’re stuck on ideas, you’re in the right place. Here are nine fall outfits for teachers that you’ll want in your closet.

Brown pinafore dress outfit for teachers

If you want to continue the studious, academic theme, being a teacher, there’s nothing better than a pinafore dress. Choose a plain white long sleeve tee or sweater, and pair it with a brown corduroy pinafore on top for the perfect fall outfit.

Brown pinafore dress outfit for teachers

Plaid shacketoutfit for teachers

Shackets have become very popular this season, and they’re a great option for lighter outerwear. Choose some straight leg, cuffed jeans, and a brown leather belt, and wear a dark bodycon top (just make sure it’s not cropped!).

Plaid shacket outfit for teachers

Midi skirt and jumperoutfit for teachers

We’re all wearing midi skirts and dresses at the moment, so why not wear one to work? Find something light and breezy, such as white polka dots, and pair it with an earth-toned knitted jumper and some mid-calf boots.

Leather pants and turtlenecksoutfit for teachers

Leather pants can be a difficult piece to style, but they do pay off when matched correctly with the rest of your outfit. For this one, select a cozy turtleneck sweater, and pair it with some leather pants and white sneakers.

Leather pants and turtlenecks

Jeans and a cardiganoutfit for teachers

The only time we need cardigans is the fall, so make use of yours this season. Throw on some skinny or straight leg jeans, as well as a light blouse and a long orange or brown cardigan.

Jeans and a cardigan outfit for teachers

Ditsy floral midi dressoutfit for teachers

If you’re still hanging onto the end of the summer, why not wear something a little flower-themed to brighten up your day. Floral-printed midi dresses are all the rage right now, and all you need to do is throw on some white sneakers or black chunky boots to finish.

Ditsy floral midi dress outfit for teachers

Skater skirtoutfit for teachers

Skater skirts are elegant and flattering, and they’re not too short, which makes them perfect for a school environment. Find one in a brown or orange hue and pair it with a black long-sleeved bodysuit and some layered necklaces.

skater skirt

White tee and skirtoutfit for teachers

Another midi skirt option, it’s time to reach for some greens, as they’re very popular this year. Find yourself a vibrant green midi skirt and pair it with a white t-shirt, either tucked in or tied at the front.

White tee and skirt outfit for teachers

Relaxed blazeroutfit for teachers

If you want to bring some office chic into your classroom, consider adding a blazer to your outfits. One great way to do this is with jeans and a shirt or tee, and a light-colored blazer on top, such as white or cream.

So, the sunny summer has finally gone, and the fall has tiptoed to let you know how great you can look in cozy layers. From Knitty sweaters to oversized blazers, and from sumptuous scarves to embroidered velvet slippers – there is so much to play with. Get ready to refresh your wardrobe with these dope fall outfit ideas. Read also: 10 Stylish Fall Outfit Ideas – Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

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