Stylish Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas For Teen Girls

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about what you want to wear at Thanksgiving dinner as a teen girl.

When choosing an outfit for a holiday family dinner, it’s important that you dress up accordingly with something that isn’t too flashy to avoid undue embarrassment.

If you have a sister that likes to wear bright colors then festive orange might not be the best choice as she will probably overwhelm you in comparison!

Remember, whatever you wear should make you feel comfortable in yourself otherwise what’s the point?

Teenage girls should be looking for comfortable outfits that will help them move about easily as they enjoy the dinner table with their loved ones.

Lastly, accessorize like crazy! You can never go wrong with pearls for instance if you want to look classy and fancy at the dinner table. Here are some wearable ideas whether going for a traditional Thanksgiving look, a dressed-up gaudy look, or casual and fun!

An All-Beige Turtle Neck Pullover Paired With A Silk Maxi Dress & Stilettos

An All-Beige Turtle-Neck Pullover Paired With A Silk Maxi Dress & Stilettos

If you’re a teen girl looking for a classy, yet comfortable way to go to dinner, then this outfit is for you! This look will help you stay comfortable. Plus, show off your great taste in fantastic fashion.

The all-beige color of the turtleneck pullover makes it perfect to pair with any color dress (choose one that fits well!) and heels, whether they are black or brown. A nice pop of color can be added by pairing bright red earrings with it.

The matching beige stilettos will give the look that elegant taste in thanksgiving. Accessories are mostly up to you!

For instance, if you want to dress it down a little bit more, perhaps go for an elegant watch and some simple jewelry. If you want to make the dress look more glamorous, try adding a set of giant hoop earrings and a necklace with some glittery stones.

The Reverse Look

The Reverse Look

This outfit is perfect for girls who enjoy looking casual during thanksgiving family dinner, or even night out, but don’t leave things to chance when it comes to style. The all-black turtleneck pullover makes it easy to match with just about any color you can think of!

Pair it with a calm and creamy frock if you want to be comfortable. The checkered design in this one makes up the dominant colors of the dress.

It is great for looking fancy but still staying casual. You can wear it with a pair of simple flats or sneakers if you like, as this look tends to be more about comfort than anything else.

Regardless of what dress you choose, be sure that the asymmetrical hemline is not too long so that it doesn’t seem boring. Finish off this fantastic outfit by adding white trainers and socks and some simple pearl earrings.

Finally, an interesting sling bag will give your look some extra credit! Go for the color dark brown that will complement the other outfits you chose to wear.

The Every Girls Favorite: All Black With a Contrast

The Every Girls Favorite: All Black With A Contrast

This look is perfect for girls who are looking to dress up a little bit but don’t want to go overboard with how fancy their clothes appear. The blacktop and pants make it easier for you to match your outfit with other colored coats (does not necessarily have to be beige!) without worrying too much about color clashes.

The shades of gold in the shoes add a nice touch and can help tie in any other accessories (headband or necklace) that might suit this outfit well.

Some simple accessories like rings and bracelets will add to this outfit but we also have to make sure that we don’t go overboard with it. A nice purse would also complement this look perfectly, as long as it is not too big/small!

Finishing off this outfit by adding some simple pearl earrings. This will ensure that you’re ready for a fun Thanksgiving dinner!

The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress

Well, I did say that I will give you ideas that are family-appropriate. You can definitely wear your favorite black dress, just throw in a pair of stockings that will neutralize the look.   

This is the ideal outfit for you if you’re searching for a casual, comfortable yet stylish look to wear on Thanksgiving! The dress itself certainly makes a statement with its knee-length and stylish box pleat. A nice pop of color can be added by pairing bright red earrings with it.

The black stockings add a little bit more comfort while the simple pumps keep things sophisticated. Accessories are mostly up to you!

For instance, if you want to dress it down a little bit more, perhaps go for an elegant watch and some simple jewelry. If you want to make the dress look more glamorous, try adding a set of earrings and a necklace with some glittery stones that have contrasting colors such as gold or deep blue.

You can try a bold color contrast by adding a little of the red. Such as red pumps and red diamonds to compliment your look.

Finally, a small hand clutch will give your look some extra credit!

Go With The Classics

Go With The Classics

A long cardigan paired with a simple shirt and denim always works great on such family gatherings. But you might say that “Isn’t this a bit too casual for Thanksgiving?”

Well not really if you know how to put it the right way. The trick here is that, if you’re wearing a plain shirt, make sure your cardigan is fancy. And by fancy I mean, should have some laces of printed patterns, as you see in the picture above.

But if your shirt is fancy, go with a plain cardigan. And the rest of the look just falls into place.

In this look, the colorful cardigan with its eye-catching print and blue jeans add a level of comfort that still makes you look stylish.

The coat over the top adds a nice touch but there is no need to worry about your legs getting cold because it will be covered up pretty well with your denim pants!

As for the footwear, always go with the boots for this look. Try contrasting colors. But I’ve seen that contrast doesn’t go really well with the maroon shades.

So if you’re wearing a maroon, I’d suggest going with the matching pairs to avoid overdoing stuff.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous then perhaps try something from the neon palette. But make sure to check if it goes with your look, else discards that idea then.

Make sure to add in a pair of woolen or leather gloves. The gloves will save you hours of moisturizing time. But be prepared to do so if you go barehanded.

How About Something Simple And Elegant?

How About Something Simple And Elegant?

This floral long frock is enough to make you look sophisticated at Thanksgiving dinner! Pairing with brown stylish pumps you will surely stand out! Don’t forget to add on a small handbag that matches your shoes or maybe if you want something different then try adding a black one instead.

Accessories are mostly up to you. Simply adding in some nice earrings (if it is not too cold for your ears) will be enough. Your hair must complete the look by looking polished and neat. Wavy locks or straight tresses would both look great with this look.

Sometimes, monochrome is the best way to go when you want to make a statement. This simple outfit with some statement accessories is always the best choice!

Black Denim Dungaree Paired With A Plain White Top & White Sneakers

Black Denim Dungaree Paired With A Plain White Top & White Sneakers

This is a fantastic ensemble for Thanksgiving dinner if you’re into comfort and simplicity. The overall look is both casual and relaxed! It’s perfect for family dinners or just hanging out with friends! This outfit will surely get you the right amount of attention from your family members while still making you feel comfortable enough to enjoy yourself at the table.

The sneakers add a nice level of comfort while the white top balances it all out by adding sophistication to the mix. If you want to make this look more fashionable, perhaps try wearing heels and either matching them with your handbag.

So, for this Thanksgiving outfit, it is best to choose a handbag that goes nicely with your footwear! The color should be either the same as your shoes or if you are feeling adventurous then perhaps you could bring out those neon shoes from your summer closet and mix it up with matching accessories.

Regardless of how you decide to mix and match this outfit, make sure that any jewelry (other than earrings) doesn’t clash with the clothes you’ve chosen. Similarly, hair can either be down (perhaps in waves) or tied up in a casual bun which will greatly complement this outfit!

The Casual Shirt With Classic Denims

The Casual Shirt With Classic Denims

This look is great for lazy dressers. It’s simple, easy, and super fun. You just throw in an oversized T-shirt, wear up your favorite blue denim and wrap a scarf around your neck if needed.

It’s not that light either, so will keep you warm and make you look dinner-ready as well. It is best to keep accessories minimal since this outfit already gives off a pretty casual vibe.

If you want to stand out then it might be a good idea to add some light bracelets or maybe even a colorful scarf accenting your jeans!

To complete the look, add neutrally contrasting pumps with a matching handbag. Such as nice brown-colored ankle boots which will still make you feel comfortable enough to dance around when grandma starts playing music from her older years! A brown-colored handbag should be the cherry on the cake!

This outfit is very suitable for Thanksgiving if you are into comfort and simplicity while still making a statement with your unique sense of style!

Try The Monochromatic Look

Try The Monochromatic Look

This Thanksgiving outfit idea is the best if you want to get noticed for how good you can make a single color shine! The skin color will go well with many different types of dinner looks, particularly autumn-themed ones.

For shoes, sticking with simple white will do the trick while gold jewelry would certainly add some extra glamour to this Thanksgiving dinner outfit.

This is perfect for those who love fashion but still value casual outfits which allow them to enjoy their meal without feeling stressed out due to uncomfortable clothes! Hair can either be straight or curly and worn down depending on your mood at that time.

However, perhaps it might be wise if you decide not to choose anything too elaborate on your accessories since this look demands a simple outcome. Also, make sure to pair any bolder jewelry with your shoes and not your handbag!

Now, this Thanksgiving outfit will certainly get people talking about your ability to pull off monochromatic colors well!

A White Sleeveless Shirt Paired With A Knee-Length Skirt & A Pair Of White Sneakers

A White Sleeveless Shirt Paired With A Knee-Length Skirt & A Pair Of White Sneakers

These looks will keep you super comfortable and still classy looking. This is perfect for someone who enjoys showing off their creativity through the clothes they wear.

Sleeveless shirts are always so in style. They go well with everything. So, if you want to show off that trendy tattoo then here’s your chance to do so without worrying about others judging you for it!

Although this look suggests cold-weather accessories, contrary to popular belief, all handbags and shoes don’t need to match perfectly in colors.

Instead, having even shades (white) but different textures (shiny and matte) go together nicely as well. Similarly, hair can be worn in a half-updo style with your bangs showing while the rest of it tied up in a messy bun.

Sometimes The Simple One’s Just Feel Like The Right Choice

Sometimes The Simple One’s Just Feel Like The Right Choice

This outfit is as casual as it gets! A classic black & white striped tee paired with blue jeans is a timeless wardrobe staple that can also be worn for Thanksgiving dinner. Also, the addition of the green sleeveless jacket will give your look that final touch of awesomeness.

This look will require you to have some accessories on hand so that you don’t lose your wintery feel too early – earrings with different color beads matching the color of your shoes, and a watch would do just fine.

If you decide to keep the hair down then remember not to mess up by looping it around your ears or leaving loose hairs all over your face!

You could even add red lipstick into the mix if you want to go for a more fun holiday vibe! If you have a sibling, perhaps you can coordinate outfits so that you two match or something like that.

Beige-colored boots are perfect for this Thanksgiving outfit since you want the color of your shoes to be noticeable. Wearing contrasts with simple outfits really brings out that eye-catching look on the outfit.

If you feel like getting fancy, add in a nice scarf around your waist or simply tie it around the strap of your purse to give this look an instant upgrade.

A Sweater Dress With Knee-Length Winter Boots

A Sweater Dress With Knee-Length Winter Boots

This combination is an excellent way to be both cozy and chic in the wintertime. The sweater dress is a very popular choice among fashionistas this season, but it can be difficult to pull off. As long as you choose a dress with a dark color scheme and pick slim knee-length boots, opting for a brighter shade of red or green never hurts!

A wintery mix of blue and white is also a beautiful option when choosing colors for your outfit. But the monochromatic beige on beige is a classic winter haul.

This outfit is also very appropriate for those who don’t want to show too much skin but still manage to look fashionable and gorgeous! Contrasting outfits can sometimes get boring so adding in a few accessories that are slightly different from your clothes could do you some good.

Keep the hair pulled back into a bun while wearing minimal makeup for an elegant yet laid-back look. The look is great for Thanksgiving dinner or a snowy walk with the family. Anytime you want to look hip and stylish without going too crazy, this outfit is your best choice!

Want To Wear Your Mini Skirts? Try It This Way!

Want To Wear Your Mini Skirts? Try It This Way!

Pair a full-sleeved sweater with your black mini skirt and full black stockings. The overall look will be extremely stylish and you can wear it to family dinners, too.

If you want to show a bit of skin but don’t want to bare too much, go for a mini skirt with a high slit. This look is perfect for parties and other events. Just make sure that the slit is not too high or else it will become too revealing.

A denim mini skirt can be paired with a white tank top and sandals for a casual look. If you want to dress it up a bit, add a black blazer and some heels. You can also experiment with different colors and styles when it comes to mini skirts. The sky’s the limit!

As for accessories, you can carry around a black bag with golden zippers to help pull down your look since you don’t want anything too loud (like red or green).

The brown leather heel boots will look fantastic with this outfit if you’re keeping everything in the same color palette. With this Thanksgiving outfit,  you will definitely stand out.

A Simple Long Sky Blue Floral Frock Paired With Cream Pumps

A Simple Long Sky Blue Floral Frock Paired With Cream Pumps

This outfit is appropriate for almost any family gathering so you don’t have to worry about anything being too loud or fancy.

The dress is not too bright so it’s easy on the eyes, but still has a nice something to it. The heels are simple enough without being boring so you can dance in them all night if you want.

The whole look is girly and soft—perfect for any young girl or woman. The color also goes with every skin tone. The high waist of this outfit keeps everything long and slimming + makes your legs look fantastic. This dress is a great choice for thanksgiving dinners, family gatherings, and other such occasions.

If you want to make the outfit more formal, throw on some gold blingy earrings with a matching necklace. You could also add a clutch if you need something to carry your essentials in. This outfit is definitely versatile and perfect for any event!

A Full-Sleeved Pullover Sweater Tucked In With Black Skinny Jeans & A Pair Of Trainers

A Full-Sleeved Pullover Sweater Tucked In With Black Skinny Jeans & A Pair Of Trainers

This look is definitely a street style. But you can accessorize to make Thanksgiving dinner appropriate and other such occasions as well. The choice of clothing is great because it’s simple but also stylish – this could be worn by either teenage girls or grown women as well. Looks great on everybody.

When you have a pullover sweater to tuck into your jeans, this helps keep the look clean and seamless throughout. Most pullover sweaters are quite oversized so they’re great for layering underneath if you want extra warmth too.

Trainers are a definite must – I recommend white ones as they go with pretty much anything and match most outfits!

Black skinny jeans are super easy to style up because you can pair them with trainers and a knitted jumper without looking overdressed or underdressed. If you want to pull off a “chic” look, I recommend pairing this with a cute handbag and maybe some fur boots as the weather gets colder. Or a pointed stiletto for the thanksgiving dinner.

This outfit is incredibly versatile because it lets you be comfy whilst also looking stylish!  It’s easy to work into your wardrobe too,  just buy an oversized pullover and a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings.  All you need now is a pair of trainers and a cute bag to complete the look.

To Sum Up…

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends, and what better way to do that than by dressing up in your best clothes?

Teenage girls have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an outfit for Thanksgiving dinner, whether they want something traditional, dressed-up, or casual and fun.

No matter what you choose, make sure you feel comfortable in it so you can enjoy the holiday festivities and have a great time!

Melanie has a passion for fashion and travel. Writer, curator, and stylist are some of her favorite hobbies. She likes to keep herself busy by freelancing and interning while studying for a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Technology. In her work, Melanie shows her love for fashion by incorporating these elements into her designs.


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