16 Unexpected Saree Outfit Ideas That’ll Make You Look More Attractive

The saree is a well-known outfit that is worn on various occasions all over the world. Sarees are common casual wear in some parts of India. A saree is a 6- to 7-yard-long fabric that is draped over the body. It can be worn in a variety of ways and with a variety of accessories. in this article we will share with you the best Saree Outfit Ideas.

How to drape a Saree

Draping a saree is not a difficult task, but it can be tricky. Anyone, however, can learn it. Here are a few tips for draping a saree

  1. Put on the underskirt and blouse. Tuck the saree into the waist skirt on the left side of your stomach.
  2. Tuck the fabric around the waist and pull it to the right side.
  3. Keep the remaining saree in the back and bring it to the front.
  4. Leave nearly an inch of fabric and wrap the saree around your waist.
  5. Bring it forward as a loose fabric, without tucking or pleating.
  6. Tuck the saree’s loose side under your belly button on the left side.
  7. Make vertical pleats in the saree and place them behind your right shoulder.
  8. Pull the pleated fabric’s right border toward the back of the body.
  9. Pull it out from under your left arm.
  10. Depending on your preference, tuck it or leave it loose.

Delicate silk and Organza saree Outfit ideas

Organza is a difficult but beautiful and delicate fabric. An organza saree with a silk underskirt and blouse is appropriate. Wear an organza saree without tucking the fabric over your shoulder with pins. It is a light weight see-through fabric that looks even better when worn loosely.

Embroidered silk and net saree outfit ideas

Silk and net look stunning together. This saree has a teal silk part with light pink embroidery and a matching embroidered silk blouse. The inner pleats are light pink net with an embroidered border. This is a lovely saree for a special occasion.

Plain Saree with pleated cape

If you want to wear your saree in an unusual way, consider adding a cape. This saree has a plain fabric cape with a single embellishment in the same color on the front. For a special occasion, you can add an embellished cape to your plain saree.

Traditional Banarsi sareeoutfit ideas

The most well-known type of saree is the Banarsi saree. This fabric is mostly silk or satin with gold and silver thread designs. Its distinct design patterns serve as its identity. It’s a fancy fabric that’s mostly worn without any other embellishment.

Traditional Banarsi saree outfit ideas

Eastern Western Ruffles sareeoutfit ideas

Who says a saree can’t be styled in a western way? A thin textured organza fabric stitched in the form of ruffles can be worn. This would look great with an embroidered blouse. Remove your silver jewelry to complete your ensemble with this saree.

Oyster pink chikankari and kamdani net sareeoutfit ideas

Chikankari and Kamdani are two types of thin fabric embroidery. It’s a delicate and intricate fabric style. The color oyster pink is striking. The best thing about this saree is that it can be worn for any occasion.

Black and Yellow Silk Saree trouseroutfit ideas

This is a saree with a modern draping style. Instead of an underskirt, a trouser is worn, and the saree is draped in a half form. Tuck the pleats into the trouser and wear the loose fabric over your shoulder. You can wear a jacket over it or use a waist belt as an accessory to this one-of-a-kind look.

Saree with denim jacketoutfit ideas

A saree can be worn with a denim jacket. With your cotton or organza saree, you can make a bold and confident statement. Wear it with nice stilettos and minimal jewelry. It will look great with a double braid hairstyle.

Saree with waist beltoutfit ideas

Waist belts are one of the year’s most popular trends. Leather belts, embellished belts, saree matching fabrics, silk belts, and other options are available to wear with a saree. A nice waist belt can be used to dress up a plain saree.

Boho style with statement Tee and sareeoutfit ideas

You can make your saree more unique by fusing it with street wear. Layer your clothing by wearing jeans, a statement t-shirt instead of a blouse, a printed jacket, and a saree. You can accessorize this bohemian look with a headband and jewelry.

Saree draping with formal trouseroutfit ideas

A saree with a formal trouser and an off-the-shoulder top is ideal for a daytime event. Wear a sky blue off-the-shoulder top with formal trouser and a half-draped saree. Underneath this outfit, put on a nice traditional khussa.

Dhoti salwar sareeoutfit ideas

A dhoti salwar with a saree is a tricky and uncommon combination. This outfit is appropriate for a traditional occasion or a wedding. Pair a dhoti salwar with an embellished blouse. Tuck a half-saree into the salwar.

Saree with peasant sleevesoutfit ideas

Peasant sleeves never fail to impress, regardless of the occasion. They can make any blouse look stunning. Wear a silk saree with a blouse with peasant sleeves made of tissue fabric. This saree is ideal for a get-together with friends.

Saree with peasant sleeves outfit ideas

Saree with classic white shirtoutfit ideas

For the office, you can pair a classic white shirt with a saree. A blue printed saree is worn with a white classic shirt and a waist knot.

saree on your big day

Bridal sarees come in a variety of styles. These are typically worn at wedding receptions. The bride should wear a red bridal saree with gold embellishment on her wedding day.

Saree with shawloutfit ideas

During a winter wedding, a shawl can be added to a fancy saree. During winter routine days, you can wear a warm casual shawl over a casual saree.


A saree is an excellent choice for both formal and casual occasions. You can wear a saree with anything, from denim jackets to blazers, jeans, or your favorite tops. Simply be creative and experiment with a new saree look.

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