The Best 19 Instagram Accounts For Fashion and Outfit Ideas

Instagram for me, is the best place to browse the fashion trend, so I prepared a list of the best Instagram accounts for everything fashion, for Style advice, outfit ideas, street styles, and more.

Do you want to step up your style game? Take a look at Instagram for some current day-to-day fashion ideas. With so many fashion influencers popping up on social media platforms all the time, narrowing down some of the best Instagram accounts for fashion to get your style game on point has been a difficult assignment. Online fashion concepts are not only incredibly relatable, but they also provide low-cost, high-quality solutions to the public. Whether you’re going to a birthday celebration, a girls’ night out, the gym, or a traditional family meal, keep an eye out for these handles:

1.Chiara Ferragni

Chiara has a staggering and overwhelming fan base of 25.4 million followers on Instagram alone. She is a fashion influencer, a fashion designer, and a businesswoman with a particularly high success rate, to say the least, with some acting credits under her belt as well. When she launched her blog, ‘The Blonde Salad,’ in 2009, she shot to fame. Despite numerous awards, the highlight of her career was being named first on Forbes’ list of “Top Fashion Influencers” in 2017. Her style is still unrivChiara, an Italian national, has a staggering and overwhelming fan following of 25.4 million on Instagram alone. She is a fashion influencer, a fashion designer, and a businesswoman with a particularly high success rate, to say the least, with some acting credits under her belt. She became well-known in 2009 when she launched her blog ‘The Blonde Salad.’ Despite numerous honors, the highlight of her career was being ranked first on Forbes ‘Top Fashion Influencers’ list in 2017. Her fashion sense is unrivaled, with dreamy shots and ethereal looks dominating her feed. She teaches some of the best winter clothing tips. She looks great in everything from buttoned long coats to casual yet stylish sweatshirts and furry bomber jackets.

2. Aimee Song

From the United States Aimee, like many others on this list, is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and blogger. With a jewelry line called ‘Song of Style’ and a clothing line called ‘Two Songs,’ she is unquestionably the person to follow if you want to stay up to date on current fashion trends. When you visit her feed, you can expect something out of the ordinary. She is highly experimental with her appearance and comes nothing short of donning them. This feed is likely to feature printed coats, casual wear, and popular fairy costumes. You’ll also get some home-styling inspiration from her feed, which features the stunning aesthetics with which she has decorated her home.

3. Rochelle Johnson

She was born in California and moved to Little Rock, Arkansas about 11 years ago. She is a plus-size expert who encourages women of all body types to embrace their bodies and dress freely. She is not only a fashion influencer, but she is also a successful designer, having released her first capsule collection with Lane Bryant. She gives some major fashion goals while wearing this Burberry cape with a white shirt and OTK boots. Her feed features a wide range of outfits, from denim jackets to glittery long dresses and colorful jackets.

4. Lindsay Vrckovnic

She is a model, photographer, ballet dancer, and painter from Canada. She shows off some thoughtful fashion sense in a spotted sky-blue half-sleeve sweater and a skinny shirt, paired with some fancy earrings and a subtle necklace. If you’re on a budget but want to look your best, this is an outfit you should consider. She creates an exciting winter wardrobe with laid-back jeans, bomber jackets, and faded blazers.

5. Joel Moore-Hagan

With over 74k followers, he is one of the top fashion influencers in the United States. He’s wearing a very common denim jacket, but what sets him apart is the eye-catching rainbow-styled sweater. While it may not be for everyone, those seeking extravagance should keep an eye on this handle. When it comes to options, his feed has a lot of them. A simple open-buttoned black shirt over a white vest works perfectly.

6. Elizabeth Cardinal Tamkin

So, here’s some inspiration for those who just want to keep it SIMPLE. Elizabeth is a stylist and fashion writer, as well as a mother (which I couldn’t tell). A feed full of casual looks is in no way indicative of boredom. She goes all vintage with a sleeveless maroon outlined sweater, printed pants, striped sweaters, and neatly done denim looks.

7. Kia Marie

Being a citizen of the United States Kia Marie is a stylist and influencer who encourages women to be their most authentic selves without apology. Aside from stunning outfits, she also provides some of the most unique yet intriguing hairstyling ideas. She looks great with her hair in a variety of styles, from messy to straightened. Her account basically teaches on fashion and adversity, from a long blazer paired with a mini skirt to a casual white shirt donned with the good old hat and some fancy jewelry.

8. Reese Blutstein

With 338K+ followers on her Instagram handle, this young sensation from Atlanta has made her mark in the fashion industry. She has garnered immense popularity and acclaim for her unique take on fashion. She founded Double3xposure in September 2015 with the intention of inspiring rather than influencing, as has been her main motto. She looks absolutely chic in almost every ensemble she wears while maintaining a cool, unapologetic, yet low-key demeanor. Her wardrobe consists of long coats, baggy shirts, jeans, and sweaters.

9. Wendy Nguyen

Wendy Nguyen, the founder of Wendy’s Look Book, which provides education, financial, medical, and housing support to young adults in foster care, overcame adversity to become one of the top fashion influencers. If you’re looking for a dreamy feed, I doubt you’ll find a better one. Colorful throughout, it offers a plethora of clothing options etched out to rock on a variety of occasions. One of her boutique’s unique features is the availability of clothing designed to be worn while pregnant while ensuring maximum comfort. This is one handle I would not recommend passing up.

10. Jean Wang

Jean Wang, the founder of Edited Pieces and Extra Petite Blog, is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel writer based in Boston. Her blog’s goal is to empower women in their clothing choices and encourage them to dress how they want regardless of social barriers such as height and weight. Scrolling through her feed is like strolling through a beautiful flower garden. She has it all, from work outfits to classic winter looks. Visit to get the most up-to-date fall and winter outfit ideas.

11. Paige Reifler

In terms of height, many girls have fewer competitors than this woman on our list. At 5’9, she adds a touch of individuality to her wardrobe choices. She has appeared in some of the most prestigious magazines, including ELLE Italy, ELLE Vietnam, and Vogue Taiwan, and she also has a lot of modeling experience. If you enjoy going to the beach, this account is not to be missed. She guides you through some of the best beach outfits. While being so daring may not be everyone’s cup of tea, those who want to explore it should look no further than this amazing handle.

12. Alyssa Coscarelli

Originally from New York City Alyssa works as a freelance fashion writer, copywriter, fashion influencer, and event planner on the side. Her makeup looks, in addition to her well-known dressing sense, make for some interesting viewing for the female audience. Alyssa just hits the right note for all the women with short hair to make some top outfit choices to suit the overall look. Everything you need to know about bold and classic looks can be found right here. She transforms from carrying light colors to slaying in feisty ones with grace.

13. Camille Charriere

Camille, who was born in Paris and now lives in London, is a podcaster, designer, and one of the most well-known names in the fashion influencing industry. She is a staunch supporter of the disclosure of paid promotions and partnerships. When you think of Paris, you think of class, extravagance, and style, but that isn’t all she has to offer. A large portion of her feed consists of such elements, but a few provide some party attire inspiration. She dresses in some stunning ensembles fit for a night out at a high-end nightclub. She wears a mix of classic, vintage, and modern-day trending fashion.

14. Elsa Hosk

Elsa is a well-known Swedish model who has appeared in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and Dior. Her social media accounts feature her in a variety of eye-catching outfits. She oozes major fashion inspiration in everything she wears, from regal, vintage classics to florals and checkered coats. You’ll never run out of ideas for dressing up for any occasion, from birthdays to Halloween.

15. Elaine Welteroth

Elaine is an American journalist, editor, author, and television host who has mastered multiple trades from the United States. Elaine’s ethereal, stunning fashion looks have been seen by viewers of live television transmissions. Her fashion choices emphasize her exuberance and tenacity. Keep an eye on her handle if you want to be able to dress cheerfully and delightfully for special, celebratory occasions. If you like vibrant colors, you’ve come to the right place.

16. Natasha Ndlovu

From the City of London At first, she was an actress, then a model, and she’s now a blogger as well. Her fan base has grown significantly as a result of her appearances in such prestigious publications as Elle UK, Grazia, and the British and German editions of Vogue. Her Instagram is full of classic and vintage-inspired outfits, so be sure to check it out. It’s clear from her Instagram feed that she has a strong affinity for black and white vintage clothing. This is the place to go if you need some ideas for formal attire.

17. Amaka

Born and raised in the Dutch city of Amsterdam In addition to being an Instagram content creator, Amaka is also a brand ambassador for some of the world’s most popular brands. You’ll see a variety of outfits, including furry jackets, denim, and a few outlandish looks, on her feed. She’s a trailblazer when it comes to redefining current fashion and hairstyling trends.

18. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, the brains behind LC Lauren Conrad and The Paper Crown, continues to look stunning. Because she is a well-known author and TV personality in the United States, she went to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to learn more about the fashion industry. Having an outfit-only Instagram feed only serves to highlight her natural beauty. A basic beanie and a crochet sweater completed the winter look, which emphasized the importance of understated styling and fashion. Brides-to-be can get some great inspiration from wedding photos.

19. Camila Coelho

Camila began her career as a well-known fashion blogger and YouTuber in Brazil. As a result of her extensive use of social media, such as Instagram and YouTube, she has established herself as one of the world’s most prominent fashion influencers and bloggers. Fashion and lifestyle blog and clothing line with Revolve have also been established by her. She has appeared on the covers of Glamour, InStyle, and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as on the frontlines of some of the most anticipated fashion shows, including Celine and Christian Dior. The ‘Elaluz’ cosmetics line she launched later became hugely popular and pleased a large number of customers. Colors and class are intertwined in her fashion choices. From black and white to glowing red and dark green, she provides viewers with a wide range of options for fashion inspiration when it comes to her outfits. Whether you’re looking for a costume for a fancy party or a day at the beach, you’ll find a variety of outfit options on her feed.

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Melanie has a passion for fashion and travel. Writer, curator, and stylist are some of her favorite hobbies. She likes to keep herself busy by freelancing and interning while studying for a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Technology. In her work, Melanie shows her love for fashion by incorporating these elements into her designs.


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