20+ Fashion Accounts on TikTok you Need to Follow

The Best 20+ Fashion Accounts on TikTok to Follow for Outfit Ideas and Style Advice

The Best 20+ Fashion Accounts on TikTok to Follow for Outfit Ideas and Style Advice

TikTok has become the most influential app in the world of fashion. Everyone is a fashion model these days, thanks to TikTok. TikTok has become an influential fashionista all over the world, in addition to having fun and lip-syncing videos. Fashion is at the top of the app’s other categories. TikTok decides what is in and what is out based on the world’s most famous fashion trends. TikTok trends, in particular, are influencing young people’s daily fashion and outfits. From casual to formal, revealing to modest, Halloween to Christmas, and every other occasion, you’ll find the best outfit ideas here. I open the app whenever I need fashion advice, and presto!
Furthermore, TikTok videos have proven to be a game changer for the majority of fashion tycoons and business models. With millions of followers, it is easier to reach out to the audience and influence them with your fashion styles. TikTok not only promotes brilliant fashion ideas by men and women in the fashion industry, but it also provides a platform for ordinary people and bloggers to begin their fashion journey. Many of them are already well-versed in the worlds of fashion and styling. Hundreds more are on their way to becoming successful fashion divas. We, as women, never make fashion compromises. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Fashion Accounts on TikTok for everyday fashion and outfit inspiration.

Nava Rose @the.navarose

Nava Rose, unquestionably the queen of fashion, is known for her stunning and catchy cosplays and costumes. Her streetwear draws everyone’s attention to her. For her 5 million global followers, her style is a fashion trend in and of itself. Many of her outfits are based on occasions and themes, and the makeup effects are the icing on the cake—Nava nails fashion like no one else.

Kiitan A @kiitana

Do you enjoy wearing outlandish outfits? Then you must adhere to Kiitan’s instructions. She is well-known for her daring appearance and makeup. Her interests include travel blogging and life styling, which she depicts beautifully in her videos. Her primary focus is on women’s empowerment, power, and boldness. Her prominence stems from the fact that she is a true example of black beauty. Thousands of people admire her curves. Following Kiitan on TikTok will help you choose casual but eye-catching outfits if you are a curvy lady.

Denise Mercedes @denisemmercedes

Why She Is A Must-Follow: Denise, the founder of #stylenotsize, is an inspiration for all women to embrace their body size and shape. She is plus size herself, and through her videos, she promotes self-love and never feeling ashamed of your body. Denise Mercedes looks great in anything, from jeans to bikinis. She has a duo with her best friend Maria, and they both make videos together, usually in the same outfits. Despite their disparities in size, they both look stunning in the same outfits.

Valeria Lipovetsky @valeria.lipovetsky

Why She Should Be Followed: Wow, a mommy of three who looks like she’s sixteen! Valeria’s videos reveal the secrets of eternal youth and freshness. Aside from being a yoga pro, she also shares her wardrobe and life hacks in an entertaining manner. In her videos, she gives fashion vibes while also being a mother. Her inventiveness in creating a stunning dress out of her husband’s T-shirt is admirable. So, you should follow her on TikTok because she has many time-saving fashion hacks and skin advice.

Janice Glimmer @janiceglimmer

If you enjoy pop culture, here is Janice Glimmer, who creates TikTok material based on popular culture, shows, movies, and icons. Her slim frame and doll-like features make her a popular figure among young people. In one video, she appears to be a Romanian queen, while in another, she appears to be fashionable and chic. In a nutshell, she is a fashion model with a stunning modeling physique. Follow her for the best pop styling.

Taylor Hage @tayhage

If you want to make the most of your existing clothing, you can find a lot of inspiration from Taylor Hage’s TikTok account. She not only elaborates on modern clothes style, but she also provides fantastic insight into the accessories you can wear to fit your costume. It is common for her to respond to her admirers’ concerns and queries. Taylor frequently satisfies her fans’ desires by styling according to their preferences. Her videos will improve your everyday appearance and style.

Zahraa Berro @zahraa_hberro

You don’t have to give up your hijab to be fashionable. Zahraa Berro completely knows this. She is well-known for her hijab styling and for creating fashion in an innovative way. Her staircase poses video is incredibly popular and quickly went viral on TikTok. You may be a hijabi and a fashionista at the same time. Take a cue from Zahraa!

Keri Fay @kerifay

Why She Is a Must-Follow: Do you have trouble deciding what to wear today? Then follow Keri Fay since the reason for her fame is #ootd (outfit of the day). Her TikTok account can help you develop your shoe preferences. Maybe you’ll stop blinking while admiring her shoe collection. She walks and flaunts her fashion styles in the nicest way possible. She possesses the ability to transform comfy clothing into fashionable apparel.

Brittany Xavier @brittany.xavier

Brittany Xavier, who is charming, uncomplicated, and playful, makes us envious of her fashion sense. She is frequently seen on TikTok with her 14-year-old daughter. They create the best street-style videos and challenges. TikTok is a family affair for her, thus her daughter and husband usually appear in her difficult TikTok films. Brittany is an expert at creating breathtaking outfits from casual wardrobe dresses. Many of her films illustrate simple ways for looking cool and attractive on a daily basis.

Jasmine Chiswell @jasminechiswell

Why She Is A Must-Follow: Did you have the same thoughts as I did? Then reconsider. This vintage queen is Jasmine Chiswell, Marilyn Monroe’s 2021 twin. She is the greatest at imitating 1950s fashion and looks lovely in her ensembles. Her TikTok videos are known for capturing the splendor and grace of the vintage era. Her antique house and classic style have persuaded her to put on a 50’s suit. If you want veteran and ancient elegance in your clothing, you should meet the goddess, Jasmine Chiswell.

Shayna Moretti @shaynamoretti

Do you find it difficult to choose what to wear as a mid-sized woman? Then, follow Shayna Moretti to discover fashion and everyday styling in a captivating manner. Her account is a must-follow for mothers and wives who often go from slender to mid-sized after having children. She has been in the spotlight as a TikTok influencer for her curvy fashion and fitness videos. Everyone is a fan of her because of her lovely videos and outstanding styling. So, all you curvy girls out there, give her a follow and get ready to rock the floor!

Ariam @iambrattyb

Ariam is well-known for her beauty skills, in addition to her unusual costume ideas. She was praised in Allure for her exceptional makeup skills. The majority of her clothing is artistic and cosplay-style, which wonderfully matches the cosmetic effects she employs. So, if you want to listen to a wow here and a wow there, Ariam is the person to follow. A fantastic outfit, along with a fantastic makeup look, for a very stylish look!

Gabrielle Jones @gusandgabi

Fashion did not begin in the twenty-first century. Gabrielle Jones is a 20th-century fashion designer who specializes in antique-style clothing. Her movies are not only the ideal of vintage high-class fashion, but they also serve to educate women on how and what to dress at various times. It’s a nice sight to see her with red lipstick, an old bun, and a red rose in her hair. Her videos capture her charisma in an old-fashioned way. If you need to incorporate a 50’s theme into your wardrobe, she is a must-follow.

Alexandra Pereira @alexandrapereira

A model, a travel blogger, a life stylist, and so on! Alexandra’s TikTok Account is the finest location to find videos that combine the elements of a brand, style, elegance, and grace. Alexandra’s choice of outfit, color scheme, handbag, and footwear is stunning. Follow her for her amazing ideas and fascinating style if you are yearning for a lavish and opulent branded wardrobe. Her glitz tells that she is a beautiful and appealing model.

Ms. Kristine @trendycurvy

Her nickname reflects her fashionable and curvaceous attitude. She promotes self-acceptance and accepting our bodies as they are. Ms. Kristine is the torchbearer of curvaceous ladies and comes up with the latest fashions and trends for them in the world of “the skinnier is, the prettier.” Her aim is to instill self-confidence in women, which she does by wearing high heels, formal attire, and stunning headgear. You should have the confidence to be yourself, according to her. My lovely curvaceous lady, hurry up and follow her!

Soph @tinygirlbigclothes

Are you a fan of baggy clothes? Then go for Soph’s huge clothes, the small girl. She is usually seen sporting a bandana. She always appears in large and baggy clothes since it is her style and she enjoys it. It appears like she hears her viewers’ thoughts and emerges with unique videos with captions like “no one is going to date you if you dress like this,” and the list goes on. Brave, courageous, and unapologetic! She is comfortable with herself. You should follow her if you want to be motivated and wear big clothes.

Anna O’Brien @glitterandlazers

Despite being repeatedly body shamed and fat bullied, Anna did not leave to empower women to glitter and shine through her body. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous smile with no body issues. It’s all about bright colors, vibrant designs, and having a good time. She not only empowers plus-sized people, but her fashion sense is impeccable. She has great beauty and wears everything from bikinis to yoga trousers. If you’re looking for genuine fashion knowledge, go ahead and search for her and hit the follow button for realistic and brand new trends and dress-up ideas.

Chriselle Lim @chrisellelim

Chriselle Lim is a digital influencer and blogger from Korea. Her TikTok page features a wide range of videos, including stylish apparel and skin care routines. You can discover everything on her TikTok, from summer clothing to winter attire. She manages to juggle her home and work lives while having a kid, yes, a baby! When a baby is around, the videos become considerably more entertaining. She is a must-follow celebrity whose stunning how-to videos, skincare secrets, and celebrations will entice you to watch her videos again and again.

Kate Bartlett @katebarltlett

Kate Bartlett blows us away with her slip skirts, cowboy hats, and pure flair and fashion. She attends FIT New York, a recognized leader in fashion and design school. Her total dedication to her job is reflected in every post she makes. In one of her videos, she reveals the “secret fashion advice” that no one tells you about fashion. She is a proud fashion student who dresses well and has a distinct sense of style. Follow her for the greatest fashion advice and innovative clothing ideas.

Chanel Mckinzie @chanelmckinsie

Chanel Mckinzie is the curly-haired beauty who is unashamedly herself. She is well-suited to be the DIOR cover model. She is a delightful social media celebrity with a true modeling attitude, known for her bold, expensive, and fascinating videos. She rocks the party with everything current, including barebacks, low cuts, small skirts, and bikini tops. If you want to flaunt like her and live a gorgeous, carefree, hot life, she deserves to be followed on TikTok.

Sophia Diamond @sophia.ilysm

This Russian actress and TikTok model understands how to remain in the spotlight, even when embroiled in issues as a result of daring and provocative shootings. She has over 4 million TikTok fans and is well-known for her provocative outfits and enticing aesthetic. By the way, no one can guess she’s only 19 years old. She has done practically every form of video, including lip-syncing, body and costume challenges, and fashion trends. If you want everyone’s attention drawn to you and their gaze fixated on your physique, you should follow Sophia.

Deanna Giulietti @deannagiulietti

Deanna is associated to theatre and has done successfully in several events, but her TikTok fashion videos catapulted her to stardom. Her TikTok Account is a must-follow if you’re looking for something simple yet fashionable, sober yet thrilling, and with a big bright smile. You’ll see her advising you on what to wear and when to wear it, whether it’s too fancy or not. Deanna teaches braids and a variety of hairstyles in addition to fashion clothes. You should absolutely follow her to stay up to date on the latest fashion vibes and styling trends.

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TikTok, as we are all familiar with, has now become the top trend setter in the world of fashion. Many of TikTok’s one billion active users influence others to adopt the best day-to-day outfit ideas and fashion trends. The rest are looking for their daily dose of styling from TikTok influencers. TikTok is more than just an Android app these days. Instead, it has evolved into a market and influential phenomenon. TikTokers are not hiding behind the top-tier brands and labels from Paris to New York Fashion Week.
TikTok has a wide range of content. You will get what you want. From young to old, single to married, and three-kid moms; from lavish to simple, casual to formal, and baggy to bold, take a deep dive in TikTok and tadaaa! You develop a sense of fashion. So, beautiful ladies, when you’re in a hurry, there’s no reason to look even slightly off. Your appearance is also important to your eyes in terms of feeling complete and having a sense of self-esteem. I hope that the above article has helped you quickly add the best fashion trending influencers to your hit list. Stay cool and trendy, my fashionista lady!

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