10 Top Black Fashion TikTokers to Follow for All Things Fashion [2022 Update]

Fashion inspiration can come literally from anywhere. It can be Instagram, it can be Facebook, it can be Pinterest, and it can even be TikTok.

“Really?” You might wonder.

The quick answer is an absolute yes. Who wouldn’t like a quick 15-seconds healthy fashion dose, after all? And our black fashion creatives are here for it!

Below I have curated a list of 16 black fashion TikTokers that you must follow immediately.

  • Kristine (@trendycurvy)

If you are just on the outlook of a body-positivity influencer, then Kristine Thomas with 953.8 Followers and 20.1M Likes, is your lady. You’ll be awe-inspired by how beautifully she carries her curves and spreads the message of enjoying the body you all have.

  • Pierrahh (@pierrahh)

On Pierrahh’s account, with 63.1K Followers, 1.3M Likes, you’ll find oodles of OOTD videos, BTS glimpses, and peeks from her fashion shoots. Moreover, you’ll also get to know more about the influence of blacks in fashion, some black fashion icons, and different Black-owned fashion brands.

  • Rubby-Klien (@yaboiroobe)

Will you love to see the magic happening right in front of your eyes? Of course, you will.

Then, go follow Rubby-Klien. He’ll bring your favorite TV characters into life in a matter of a few seconds. And, did I mention, you can also steal a tip or two to improve your basic styling sense.

  • Lydia (@femmeblk)

Lydia Tsegay is a Swedish Tiktoker. She makes a variety of videos flaunting her daily outfits along with some styling tips. And what she actually excels at is her luxe minimalist approach. Watch her a few videos, and I am sure you’ll want to buy everything she showcases in her videos.

  • Diamond (@yourcoilyness) 

Diamond is an engineer turned into a TikToker. She made her debut as a Content Creator after the release of her first video in FYP.  Her videos usually document a large portion of her OOTDs and are really laid-back.

The best part? She even shares a place to buy your daily routine’s essentials. 

  • Esther (@estherxlinda)

Esther is a London-based chic TikToker with an unparalleled fashion sense and a gorgeous personal style. Her content is so unique and original that once you watch her videos, you’ll want to recreate each of her styles, I bet.

  • Tai (@definitelytai)

In case you need some inspiration to style your daily wardrobe with flawless cuts, Tai is your guy.

Also, he mostly focuses on documenting ‘fits to color combos and daily styling hacks.

His TikTok videos don’t feel like you are binge-watching them for a bit of advice. He makes you fashion-aware in a fun and entertaining way. 

  • Tomar (@tomarthomas)

Tomar does it all. From giving you styling tips for literally any event to throwing some outfit ideas for your first date, she is the one you can turn your face to. With her cool-girl style and her vibrant energy, she makes an obvious follow.

  • Hodan Yousuf
  • Bria Jones

So, these were some instant follow kinda Black Fashion creatives you must follow on TikTok. Scroll their feed for a simple five minutes, and they’ll blow your mind with their stunning fashion looks and video shoots.

  • Bex Campbell (@bexcxmpbell)

It’s impossible to stop watching Bex’s hypnotic makeup tutorials once you get started. Although I haven’t been able to wear mascara on most days, Bex’s videos inspire me to experiment with my beauty routine.

  • Kiitan A (@kiitana)

The majority of Kiitan’s style can be found in her daily outfit videos on TikTok, style roundups, and participation in fashion challenges like the #30DaysofOutfits challenge, to name a few. Traditional Nigerian clothing is also on display in her collection.

  • Jackie Aina (jackieaina)

It’s no secret that Jackie Aina is a YouTube sensation, but her TikTok videos are just as good. One of my favorites is her rating series, which features 60-second glimpses into her daily life as well as reviews of various products.

  • Sofia Wylie (@sofiawylie)

It’s possible that you recognize Sofia as Gina Porter from Disney+’s High School Musical: The Series, but she’s just as entertaining on TikTok. Her content includes glimpses into her life on set and dancing videos, all of which she wears cool Gen-Z costumes that you’ll want to replicate.

  • Whitney Madueke (@whitneymadueke)

When you see the finished outcome, you don’t feel like you’re seeing a beauty tutorial; you feel like you’re witnessing art. Whitney takes you step-by-step through the steps of creating her playful and glistening beauty look, all while playing soothing music in the background.

  • Shahd Batal @teams7b)

It’s all Shahd does, from YouTube videos to designing capsule collections for many fashion brands. Even though she’s just recently joined the TikTok community, her bubbly personality and cool-girl aesthetic immediately drew me in.

Can you tell us in the comments below your favorite Black Tiktokers we have to follow?

Melanie has a passion for fashion and travel. Writer, curator, and stylist are some of her favorite hobbies. She likes to keep herself busy by freelancing and interning while studying for a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Technology. In her work, Melanie shows her love for fashion by incorporating these elements into her designs.


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