Awesome Varsity Jacket Outfits for Women

Vintage, and vintage-inspired, clothing has hit the fashion industry once again, and we love the effortless retro vibes that some of the iconic pieces give us. One of our favorite nostalgic pieces is the varsity jacket – the perfect addition to any wardrobe. As we’ll show you today, this piece can fit any wardrobe, no matter your style, and there are so many possibilities. Here are some of the best varsity jacket outfits for women.

The black mini skirt with Varsity Jacket

Arguably one of the easiest, most customizable outfits here, the black mini skirt is an ideal pair for the varsity jacket. Pair the two with a cami or any other tight crop top and you have yourself a cute, sporty ‘fit.

The black mini skirt with Varsity Jacket

The dad jeanswith Varsity Jacket

We all knew it was coming: the dad jeans outfit. Any outfit collection of 2021 wouldn’t be complete without a dad jean suggestion, and this one involves blue dad jeans, low trainers, a baby tee, and a trendy varsity jacket.

The dad jeans with Varsity Jacket

The white teewith Varsity Jacket

We all knew a black bodycon dress was versatile, but you can even pull it off with a varsity jacket. One which is mainly black with being well-suited to the dress, and pairs nicely with some mules and a classy handbag.

The white tee with Varsity Jacket

The all whitewith Varsity Jacket

If you want a fresh angle on the trend, why not pair your jacket with an all-white outfit. Grab some white straight-leg jeans, white trainers, and a white crop top, finished with a varsity jacket – blue or red would look great with this.

The all white with Varsity Jacket

The tennis skirtwith Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are sporty as they are, but you can enhance that further by adding a flirty white tennis skirt to match. As long as the jacket has plenty of white detailing on it, this outfit will go down a treat.

The tennis skirt with Varsity Jacket

Joggers with Varsity Jacket

Oversized jackets like these are comfy and chilled, and what else is? A pair of cuffed jogging bottoms, of course. Choose a colour to match the jacket, grab a white or black bandeau and away you go.

Joggers with Varsity Jacket

Heeled booties with Varsity Jacket

Heeled boots are an elegant piece that is suitable to wear no matter the occasion, and easy for anyone to pull off. With a short dress or shorts and an oversized varsity jacket, the booties have a whole new purpose.

Heeled booties with Varsity Jacket
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