The 17 Awesome Alt Outfit Ideas You Should Try

Alt girls are always unique and creative girls who are always looking for a unique way to express themselves through their style and outfits. That’s why we did our best to compile the best 12 awesome alt outfit ideas to help you express yourself freely while also looking stylish.

You’ve probably heard of the new wardrobe trend known as ALT fashion. In this article, we’ll go over how it was discovered as well as some of the best Alt outfit ideas.

People used to wear some lush glossy fashion in the early nineteenth century, which was then replaced by grunge shady fashion in the fall of the 1980s or the rise of the 1990s. That style was dubbed Alt(alternative) fashion at the time. It was distinct from commercial trends and arose primarily from subcultures. This look was inspired by cybergoth, cyberpunk, emo, hip hop, and a variety of other styles. The artsy people were the ones who chose this fashion and spread it on social media the most. This fashion, however, fell out of favor with the turn of the century.

Many people were bored when the covid struck the course, bringing out their artistic souls. The Alt fashion has been resurrected and thrust into the spotlight by a slew of social media influencers. Many famous people wear those dark shady colors with black eyes and chained accessories with bleached hair. From Kaia Gerber to Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner, everyone was a part of this trend.

When you’re sad, fashion can console you; when you’re happy, fashion can add to your joy; and when you’re neutral, fashion can bring you to the pop side.

In this sense, we girls enjoy dressing up, and something new will always pique our interest. You’re probably thinking…

How are we going to carry those alternative girls’ outfits?

Black Cardigan And Pleated Skirt Alt Outfit

Do you want to get into alt fashion but are wondering how to start from a low profile? Get this black cardigan and pair it with a pleated tartan skirt and knee-length white socks. This dress will be a good pick for your cute little sassy look. Either go for your regular high-school days or to a cafeteria for an Americano or a Caramel Mocha.

Trendy Bud: Alt-girl outfits can’t perform without accessories. As a beginner, go with some simple chokers, chains, and bands. A little cute belt over your waist and a pair of football sneakers in the lane.

Turtleneck Top With Skirt And Fishnet Legging

Hip-hop clubs will never get retired, so you will always want to doll up for those themes. An alternative girl’s outfit for a bold, sassy woman will work enthusiastically with a turtleneck black top paired with a zipped pencil skirt and a black and white checkered blouse. And don’t forget to add a boost to your alt outfit with fishnet leggings.

Trendy Bud: Cat eyeliner and avenue or cyber lipstick will spruce up your look. Chokers or chained necklaces with heeled boots will add brashness.

Crop Striped Top With Army Trouser

This striped crop top with black army trousers is the look for your university days. Show-shoulder tops are fashionable and will make you appear more mature and brassy. Also, this outfit will perfectly outline your physique. You can go out with your friends or attend a jazz party at night. It won’t be too extravagant to wear them on your regular days as well.

Trendy Bud: Either cross pendants or stone pendants with chains will adorn your neck. A belt around your waist with various chains hanging along and Timberland boots will add boldness.

Oversized T-shirt With Extra Ripped Jeans

There is an assembly of youth who love graffiti and the risks attached to it. Graffiti helps relieve your stress, so outfits that add stress won’t be preferred. Go with this loose t-shirt and heavily ripped loose jeans. Nothing will be more comfortable than this alternative outfit for girls. This will free your body and bring out your inner artist. You can also wear it around for your next street dance. What do you say?

Trendy Bud: Heeled sneakers will be more comfortable with this cozy outfit. Some heavy metallic chains around your neck or hands and bold lip shades will add more spiciness.

Open Shoulder Top With Skirt And Mesh Legging

Choosing outfits for your Halloween or costume night parties can sometimes get stressful. But this girl’s alt outfit makes it easy for you. This open-shoulder, full-sleeved top paired with a tartan mini skirt and mesh leggings will be your add-to-cart wardrobe collection. This dress won’t make you dim, but more into the trend, a cool witch out for hunting. 

Trendy Bud: A messy bun and heavy beaded metallic chains or chokers with some cross pendants and normal to combat heeled boots will give you a more trendy look.

Striped Shoulder Top With Lavender Trouser

Alt girl outfits shouldn’t always be fully black; pairing them with other colors will give you a fashionista look. This striped crop top with lavender trousers is such a nice blend of two highly extravagant hues. When you wear this outfit, everyone’s eyes will adhere to you. Either go to your normal business parties with a low profile or your college parties with high profiles. Nothing will outshine you.

Trendy Bud: Timberland boots or high pencil heels with an expensive belt to tighten your waist and heavy metallic chains will go well with your look.

Oversized Grey Top With Fingerless Gloves

Alt fashion isn’t always about sassy days out; you can carry some simple, comfortable wardrobes for your restful days. A simple grey loose t-shirt with knee-length socks and fingerless gloves is your alternative outfit for your normal shopping days. It won’t bland your personality, but it also won’t give you an alt-girl look.

Trendy Bud: Wear knee-high boots along with little accessories. A little pendant with a chain will look good. Top it with more brown eyeshades and any lip shade in the orange hue.

Black Jacket With Regular Jeans And Top

As there is alt fashion, alt girls are also found in every territory. They don’t like extremist looks. This black alt outfit is for them; a crop top with an oversized jacket and regular jeans. This outfit is highly comfortable for long, tiring school days. 

Trendy Bud: Black sneakers or white joggers will be both stylish and comfortable. If you want something bold, add some blue or black lip shades, shoulder your bag and go study hard.

Boxed Cardigan With High Waist Pant

A box-checked cardigan and high-waisted boot-cut jeans are popular girl’s alternative outfits among college girls. This is a classic yet punky outfit that will be your friend in your cyber moments. You can wear it around in your morning classes or at your night parties with your squad.

Trendy Bud: Nose rolls and chained necklaces, along with blue-green eyeshadow on and off the eye and vine red taints on your lips, will amp up the look. Go with some high-heeled sneakers to hallucinate your long legs.

Skirt Top And Hoodie Alt Outfit

Are you a spoiled brat who wants to look marvelous even in those shady alt outfits? Wear this elegant yet grumpy hooded jacket, which has a red inner side, with your superwoman crop top and mini skirt. This can be frayed by your long travels, on your trips to Los Angeles, or your bunker winks with your friends, rapping and tapping your body on the floor. Btw, what about the Met Gala walks?

Trendy Bud: Tap the sun with some of the weirdest knee-length devouring boots and a bunker handbag with some unique accessories.

Baby Doll Alt Outfit

baby doll’s dress in alt fashion. Yeah, this is the baby doll look that will give your alternative outfit collection another level of sway. Wear a wide waist belt to accentuate your fetching waist. This dress will give others an aura of your magnificence while maintaining the alt trend. Carry it on your prom night, your date night, or to some wild friend’s parties.

Trendy Bud: The belt-style choker and the heavy chained necklace are a hot combination with this outfit. Wear some nice gloves, add some nose pins or ear pins, and combat boots or knee-high boots with dark makeup to look more appealing.

Olive V-Neck Sweater With Pleated Skirt

This is another set of cute alt outfits; an olive green v-neck sweater with a pleated mini skirt and see-through black tights. And get a jump on the corset trends. Wear a high-neck tee-shirt along with that exclusive outfit to look more like an alt. You can go to the library as a cute study bug or to brunch tables to add extreme hotness with every sip of your coffee.

Trendy Bud: This outfit will look better with a no-makeup look and high-heeled sneakers. Also, wear cat-framed glasses to look more adorable.

Boat-cut Jeans with Top And Cardigan

A blend of black and grey will go till the end of the world. This black boat-cut pant with a top and a grey cardigan is the perfect goth-grunge look. You shouldn’t be a punk to wear this outfit. You can also look classic in this attire. No matter what season it is, you’ll be a free-spirited soul.

Trendy Bud: Double-sided ponytails or braids with black eyes and lips are your alternative look. Also, wear white-heeled sneakers or black ankle boots. Show off your neckline with some antique jewelry.

Laced Top And Tartan Mini Skirt Alt Outfit

Lace striped tops are a must-have in your black wardrobe collection. A tartan mini skirt is a nice match with it. Also, don’t leave your legs and sleeves bare; wear some mesh tights on your legs and a grey hoodie to have more of an alternative outfit look. This style will match the faux garter trends and give you the look of a fun-loving person. 

Trendy Bud: Ankle-high sneakers and belts with accessories that can be worn anywhere. Blue and black shades are always the cyber choices.

Sassy Bodycon Alt Outfit

Fighter sassy always want everything black. What could be better than girls’ alt outfits? This sleeveless mini bodycon dress is the perfect choice for your mid-summer or spring parties. Ensemble fingerless gloves to have an iconic rebellious look. It’ll be your million-like storyline.

Trendy Bud: Wedge eyeliners and black to avenue lipsticks with this. Also, try thigh belts with long trinity boots. Don’t think back when you’re thinking of trying many metallic rings on each of your fingers.

Fishnet Inners With Elegant Chic Alt Outfit

Fishnet tops and tights are coming back from the 80s and will remain till the end of time. This nicely designed buckled neck mini skater frock is your super sexy alternative outfit. It’ll go along with your body and, when combined with fishnet tights, will give your fashionista another level. 

Trendy Bud: Chokers and chains with multiple rings will add spiciness. In addition, I guess no alt will be completed without a belt. In addition, go for knee-high boots.

Full Sleeves A-line Alt Outfit

Last but not least, this is the sexiest, warmest, and sassiest dress that shouldn’t be missed in your alt collection. A deep-necked A-line mini dress in this amazing fabric with these nicely knitted fishnet tights is an astonishing attire. If you’re a liberal who likes to show in a revolting way, don’t miss it. You can wear it for your eminent business parties or your extraordinary get-togethers. It won’t let you compromise your boldness and class.

Trendy Bud: Alt is an antique fashion, so don’t let it go without some antique accessories. Whether it’s those heavy metallic chained necklaces or those heavy stoned rings, Which shoes do you prefer: knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots?


These are some of the girls’ alt outfit ideas. Yes, they are all black, because alt is about being a shadow or having them under your shadow, but to sum up, shadows are always black. 

As G-Eazy says (An American rapper and an alt influencer):

I’m not even overthrowing shades, I just shadow you

Concisely, in the past few years, alternative fashion has become more popular than a trend. And in this era, where every day is a new trend, you can’t miss it or your society will overshadow you.

So with which alt outfit are you going to overshadow the trend?

Melanie has a passion for fashion and travel. Writer, curator, and stylist are some of her favorite hobbies. She likes to keep herself busy by freelancing and interning while studying for a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Technology. In her work, Melanie shows her love for fashion by incorporating these elements into her designs.


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