4 Outfit Ideas of Pants to Wear for Work This Fall

4 Outfit Ideas of Pants to Wear for Work This Fall

When it comes to choosing your office attire, the decision can be tricky, as you’ve got a few more factors to consider. Your clothes must be modest and appropriate for a workplace environment, as well as formal enough. And then, it’s a matter of choosing between the thousands of different options left. If you’re a fan of pants, here are four Pants to Wear for Work you should try this fall.

Wide leg suit pants

When we talk trends, this fall, wide-leg pants are everywhere, such as our jeans, but you can even incorporate a more formal style into your office wardrobe. Arguably the comfiest choice of them all, there’s no need to compromise on style or formality whilst still getting breathability and comfort. Your wide-leg pants can come in either a solid color, neutral or bold, or adorned in an intricate pattern – the choice is yours. Finish with a flowy blouse or silk shorts and you’re good to go.

Paperbag waist pants

If you like to accentuate your waist – as many women do – paper bag waist pants may be just the option for you, especially with their flattering fit and more relaxed style. The paper bag pleating around the waist is eye-catching and adds another detail to your outfit. These pants are ideal for more casual outfits, as their more relaxed, welcoming fit is stylish yet a little less formal. Popular colors for these pants are dark greens and greys, as well as plaid patterns, and they can be paired perfectly with either flat or even heeled pumps.

Statement cigarette pants

When you see matching pantsuits, cigarette trousers are the typical style of trousers you’ll come across, and they’re a good option for formal work outfits. If you’re a fan of color, a pair of statement cigarette pants will be right up your street, and they’ll be well-suited to your style. We’re talking bold pinks, subtle greens, and dreamy lilacs. You can either pair them with a matching suit jacket, or a plain black one, and any shirt you like. One particular way to style a shirt with these pants is to wear a white silk shirt and tuck it in, with a matching blazer.

Pants to Wear for Work - Statement cigarette pants

Black suit pants

Of course, black suit pants are one of the most versatile items you can have in your business attire wardrobe, and that makes them incredibly useful. These pants come in a range of different styles, such as wide-leg and cigarette, but the choice is yours as to which fit you choose. No matter which style you choose, you’ll be bombarded with outfit ideas the second you put them on. If you like to create intricate outfits, then these pants are great for wearing if you want to focus the eye on another element of the outfit as they’re subtle.

Pants to Wear for Work - Black suit pants

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